In addition to the help we give to Kankobe Orphanage we also run a program to identify and assist gifted girls from humble origins. This was especially dear to our mother as she was denied the education she deserved as a girl, luckily she was stubborn and went on to achieve two degrees in later life. Through a strict selection process we want to give the chance to excel and in turn help to transform Ugandan society. Success will also secure the future of the entire extended family. We expect recipients of this program to commit time to mentor other children both before and after completing University degrees and to become ambassadors for the charity and work on our behalf in country. There is a huge amount of evidence that links good governance and social stability to the increased education of girls and women. If you would like to be a party of this please donate here.

This is Phiona Christine, Small is Beautiful Africa assisted Phiona through Senior School and University. Last year she graduated and is now looking for a position to help support her siblings.

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